Smart City

On May 25, 2016 "DIVINE DHARAMSHALA" as it has been christened in the proposal was selected as the smart city by the Union Ministry for Urban Development. The announcement came as a big achievement for Sudhir Sharma (MLA Dharamshala and the Minister for Urban Development). He had to face oppression within the party for sending the proposal of Dharamshala for the Smart City, as opposed to Shimla the state capital. He invariably stood as the lone hand behind this mission. According to the analysis by Dharamshala Municipal Corporation under the Smart City Scheme, revelations are that the city would have 11 multilevel parking places so as to control the alarming traffic problems effectively,especially during the tourist season. The city is all set to get bike- sharing stations at bhagsunag, mcleodganj, kotwali bazaar and kachehri adda. The city would get 35 e-buses for local transportation and no less that 2 electrical charging stations would be set up for them. There would be 120 bus shelters with public information system, route maps and safe lighting. 89.9 km additional footpaths would be created along with 60 smart kiosks/ booths in the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation area, 100 Public convenience centres, LED lightings and streets varying from, nine metre to 12m in size are also on the cards. Rejuvination centres and funicuars at bhagsunag are in prospecT, which would prevent the youth from getting sidetracked and crippled by evil influences and benefit people from all walks of life in certain ways. Tree houses in forest areas for eco-tourism would be promoted, a convention centre and Mountaineering Paragliding Institute at Mcleodganj would be a great attraction and would bind the city in an een more wonderful panorama.

Second Capital

In the realm of Smart City , Mr. Sudhir Sharma had to face many trials and tribulations, but he finally came ou victorious.
He has spared no ffort to change dearth into plenty and so Dharamshala has phenomenally soared to the pinnacles of development and has been designated as the second capital of Himachal Pradesh. The Government moves here during the winters and a breif winter session is held here. There isn't a complete shifting of the Secretrait, as in case of Jammu & Kashmir, rather the existing mini-secretrait building in Dharamshala has been handed over to the General Administrative Department (GAD), so as to avoid the burden on the state exchequer.
This was a move initiated by Virbhdra Singh during his previous term in which Mr. Sudhir Sharma was primarily instrumental. He considered the decision by the cabinet as historic and immensely beneficial to the people of the lower Himachal Pradesh.
Sh. Virbhadra singh was also the initiator of the "winter sojourn" - a practice when the chief minister camps at Dharamshala for nearly a month.

Ropeway From Dharmshala to Mclodganj & Concrete Roads

From concrete roads to effective aerial ropeways, Dharamshala is all set to be a very well connected city. A ropeway from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj would be advantageous in controlling traffic and saving time. The metalled roads presently are transcending barriers of all sorts between rural and urban areas and would continue to follow suit in future. With the lucrative investments and efforts of Mr. Sudhir Sharma, Dharamshala stands firm and unrivalled in the journey towards a SMARTER, CLEANER and GREENER city.

Paragliding World Cup

It is because of his efforts of the Paragliding World Cup held at Bir Billing that the secluded site rose from relative obscurity to worldwide recognition. Unbelievable but true that 45 pilots flew in one go from this gliding site.
Motivated by national rather than self interests, and rising above party politics to do what is best for the constituents is the reason that people celebrate over his leadership.